Krewe Chats, Episode 3: Scoring, Alerts, and Marketo Sales Insight

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On the last episode of Krewe Chats, we discussed data management at a high level and kind of glossed over one of the most important aspects: Lead Scoring. We knew to do it justice we had to give lead scoring an episode all its own. So on today’s chat, that’s what we’re going to discuss – how it works, how it can be used to fuel alerts, and how Marketo Sales Insight (AKA: MSI) helps you cultivate a better partnership with your sales team and convert more marketing influenced leads to closed won.

On this episode, we’ll delve into:

  • The purpose of lead scoring
  • When is the right time to send alerts?
  • What information do you include in sales alerts?
  • What does “Tokenized Lead Scoring” mean?
  • What is Marketo Sales Insight?
  • How has MSI influenced your relationship with sales?
  • How important is training when rolling out MSI?
  • What kind of MSI training do you provide for your sales team?


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Krewe Chats, Episode 2: Data Management

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Building out a robust Data Management platform within your marketing automation platform is an endless challenge. It’s extremely rare to find a Data Management program that is perfectly optimized with no room for improvement. In many cases, there are a few gotchas or best practices that may not seem obvious until you’re 6 months, a year, or even several years into your Marketing Automation program. With that in mind, this Krewe Chat will discuss some of the experiences this panel has had and provide some best practices you might want to bring into your instance today.

Excellent post on Email Bounce Management in Marketo, courtesy of Edward Masson: 7/14/making-sense-of-marketo-email-bounce-categories


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Big News: I’m joining the Fathom Dream Team

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I’m not the kind of person that keeps secrets well. I think it’s the combined effect of being a terrible liar and being a fairly WYSIWYG type of person. So please believe me when I say that sitting on such a mountain of ineffable delight for the past two weeks has been absolutely soul-crushing. So finally – with no small measure of joy – I’m thrilled to finally share the news that I have accepted a position on the Fathom dream team of amazingly talented nurture marketers.

I believe the shift from the corporate B2B routine into the more frenetic agency life is going to be a positive one for me. I love interacting with people and solving problems, and that’s the main thing I love about this new opportunity. I’ll be continuing to leverage and hone my skills with Marketo and marketing automation in general while being human. There’s a lot to be said about being a generalist workhorse in the B2B space, and I wouldn’t trade the experiences I’ve gained for anything… But for my own personal and professional growth, it’s simply time to move on.

To say the culture I experienced at Fathom HQ was refreshing is totally underselling it. I’ll admit, I’ve totally got the rose-tinted honeymoon shades on… but there is no stronger force than one brought to bear by passionate, genuine people. I could not be more humbled and excited to dive in knee-deep with these folks and cut a swath of excellence across the Marketing Nation.

Plus, I think there’s kind of a whole thing around “when our Revvies combine…” 😉


Of course, this amazing opportunity is only possible because of the amazing people I’ve been blessed enough to work with and for up to this point. I’m thinking specifically of the STANLEY Security marketing team, whose crazy-chaotic pace I’ll miss in some sadistic way. Without that opportunity to dive deeper into the world of marketing automation, and Marketo specifically, this opportunity for growth couldn’t have happened. I’m immensely grateful for the role I held and the experiences I gained while a member of the STANLEY Black & Decker family, and I’m definitely a better marketer for it.

The blinking cursor has been taunting me for the past 5 minutes with how to wrap this up. The most poetic thing I can manage right now is simply:

“More tk…”

Game of Clones | Marketo Summit Session Materials

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Download Materials from Marketo Summit

My session at Marketo Summit, A Game of Clones: Developing a Scalable Content Process, is complete! If you were able to attend at Summit, I hope you enjoyed my presentation and found value in the content – I certainly had a blast creating it!

I went into this session fully realizing that there was no way I could do this topic justice without providing you with a version of the same guide I created for my team at STANLEY. So to that end, please consume and share the below training materials! I'd also love to hear what you think of them, and how they can be improved!

The Complete 18-page Guide to the Game of Clones.

Like I said in my session, when you play the Game of Clones, you win or you die. But fear not! With this guide, you'll bask in the sweet luminous glory of R'hllor's light and, um... not die. In these pages, I delved into excruciating depth so that any member of your team, regardless of their level of Marketo-fu, can follow the steps and deliver flawless content programs in your instance that provide scalability for the future!

Let the Force Flow Through You

A Quick Primer on Tokens

The Full "Game of Clones" Demo Experience

Responsive Landing Page Templates for Marketo, by Etumos

My friends over at Etumos have made some straight up baller landing page templates that are completely token driven and comes with a handy step-by-step guide to help you get up and running with the basics. If you don't have tokenized landing page templates yet, this is a fantastic place to start! We use these same templates at STANLEY and have seen some great landing page conversion rates.


Marketo Summit App Tutorial

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The 2016 Marketo Summit app (made by DoubleDutch!) is an outstanding networking and organizational tool, and sports some cool new features this year. With this app, you can review all the available sessions and build out your agenda, as well as connect with other marketers of every kind of discipline. My favorite new feature is the User Group channel functionality – connect with marketers that actually live and work near you! What does this mean? Well, simply put, it means that you can bring all the camaraderie and shenanigans of Summit back to your home city. What happens in Vegas absolutely should not stay there this May!

This video provides a quick high level tutorial of all the key features and functionality of the app – so if you’re attending Summit, be sure to download it ASAP and dive headfirst into the best community experience of your life!

A Game of Clones | Marketo Summit Session Preview

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Planning which sessions to attend at Marketo's annual Summit conference is a difficult task. With over 100 sessions to choose from and the physical constraint of only being able to attend 11 of them, you've obviously got some hard choices to make. Seriously, look at all the great content that's going to be on tap this May! On the bright side, all of the session recordings will be available for streaming two or three weeks after the conference... But that's not the same as being there, feeding off the energy, and getting to ask some questions, is it?

I assure you, it is not.

I'll be presenting at this year's conference, so in an effort to make the process a little easier on you, I thought I'd give you a quick preview of what my session is about, and who it's for.

Define A Process Any Team Can Follow

I've titled my session "A Game of Clones: Developing a Scalable Content Process" for good reason. Transferring your sprawling content library into Marketo's trackable program format can be a process wrought with challenges both technical and tedious, and success can largely depend on the Marketo-fu of the person setting up the program. #1 Pro-Tip: you should never do anything that you have to do more than once from scratch. Thus, the Game of Clones.

No one has ever implemented Marketo and had an unassailable and easy-to-follow content strategy on day one – however, that's the first thing this session aims to provide. If you attend, you'll leave with the knowledge you need to help your team (even if it's just a team of one) set up your content programs correctly the first time, and at ludicrous speed.

Make the Process Repeatable

If you've ever watched one of my Nation Talks videos, you've probably heard me say something to the effect that any time you want to make something "scalable" in Marketo, the answer is generally to use tokens. These can be an intimidating piece of the Marketo puzzle for the uninitiated, and I've always found the best way to become fearless is to immerse yourself in the thing you're scared of.*

(This does not apply to my views on sharks, alligators, and other prehistoric and/or aquatically-inclined killers.)

In past years, there have been sessions that focused on the theory of tokens, and they were outstanding... This session is going to build on that fantastic framework, and actually help you apply that knowledge. This means we'll actually get our hands dirty and demonstrate how it's done and how to make the whole process of getting content out the door repeatable by any member of your team, regardless of the strength of their Marketo-fu. This will be as close to a working session as the format will allow, so come ready to witness how to drive a best-practice instance of Content Marketing through Marketo's Engagement Engine!

Arm Your Team

We're going to have to cover so much so fast that it would be unrealistic of me to think I could tell you everything you need to know about Content Marketing in Marketo inside of 45 minutes. So to alleviate that pain, I'm going to do something super cool for my attendees: I'm going to give you a no-nonsense* guide that drills down into excruciating step-by-step detail on my entire content process. This guide is essentially a comprehensive workflow for everything you need to do, from setting up your email, updating tokenized landing pages, and leveraging a couple cool add-ons, like Marketo Sales Insight and Social Boost.

*There might be some nonsense... I'm a Star Wars & Game of Thrones fanboy, so some choice puns may or may not have found their way into the content (spoiler: they totally did). I'm thinking about giving out a prize for whoever can accurately guess the correct number of nuggets hidden throughout my materials. I definitely had a little too much fun taking pictures of miniatures to supply some visual interest and variety to the files... So... The ladies out there should be advised that I'm spoken for. 

Did you feel that? It's as if millions of hearts were just yearning with desire– and then suddenly fell silent. Because I'm married. Not because I'm a grown man spending his Friday night taking professional grade photos of action figures. Obviously. :p


How to Get the Most Out of Summit 2016

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UPDATE: Video Recap


I recently recorded a new Nation Talks for the Marketo Community on how to prepare for Summit. You can catch that 5 minute video below!

If you've never attended Marketo's Summit, or just felt pulled in a thousand different directions by all the inspiring content on tap, then this post is for you.

For the uninitiated, Summit is a smorgasbord of not just all things Marketo, but really all things MarketingThis year's event will take place in Fabulous Las Vegas from May 9th through the 12th (although I assure you, the shenanigans will begin as early as the 7th), and will center around the theme of "Tomorrow's Marketer." Being this fresh into the new year, I'm sure you're seeing all the "2016 predictions" blogs about MarTech, Stacks, Personalization, and a litany of other up-and-coming marketing tools, terms, and technologies. Marketo has done a great job of soliciting participation from solution providers and thought leaders in the past, and for the first time ever, Summit will be a whole day longer... which means that there will be waaaaay more options for sessions to attend and things to learn about. Apart from all the sessions, they also play host to a small tradeshow where you can experience the truly odd feeling of walking a show as an attendee rather than an exhibitor (read: you'll get drunk on power). There's also plenty of other opportunities for networking and partying. Really can't emphasize those last two enough. 😉

With all that information and energy compressed into a few days, approaching Summit is a fairly daunting prospect. After all, you're investing a lot of time (and money) just to attend– so it's critical that you come away edified. So, with that in mind, here's a bit of friendly advice to help you get the most out of your attendance!

He who plans, wins

Last year, we had 106 sessions to choose from. These were organized into general interest tracks based on goals/objectives or trends (you can see last year's offerings here), which is something I expect Marketo will continue. My point here, though, is that once the sessions go up on the Summit site, you should spend a little time reviewing what will be available and try mapping out your week. If you're old school and like to map everything out on spreadsheets, you can download my planner here. It has the time slots mapped out, you just need to fill in the sessions you want to attend.

Alternatively, Marketo usually unveils an interactive app closer to the event that enables you to automatically sync up your calendar. More on that app in a second...

Find a krewe

If you're one of the many that ends up attending Summit alone, know this: it doesn't have to stay that way! Last year, I left without knowing a single soul in the Marketo community, and due to personal circumstances, no one on my team was able to attend either. I definitely don't consider myself a social butterfly, but here's where Marketo's Summit app comes into play.

In the weeks leading up to the event, there was a lot of banter and giddiness occurring within the app. Think Facebook, but on a much smaller scale, and with an audience exclusively comprised of nerds like you. Suffice to say, if you're looking for friendly faces to hang out with, odds are pretty good that you can meet like-minded marketers through Marketo's app. And in the unlikely event that you're still having trouble making friends, please by all means join #mykrewe. We'll be easy to spot.

The benefit of connecting people at Summit is simple: it's awesome networking. That, and I think people are genuinely awesome, and sharing an experience with others generally means you'll get more out of it. If the app doesn't sound like your game, though, consider joining your nearest Marketo user group.

Go Pro

If you're like me, finding time in your normal schedule to take the Marketo Certified Expert exam is pretty much impossible to do. Luckily, you can plan to arrive to Summit a little early on Monday (or dare I say, Sunday?) to knock this one out before the week gets started. I can personally attest to the fact that becoming a Marketo Certified expert has been the gateway to a lot of cool professional opportunities– I can't even tell you how many times I've had to tell a recruiter "no thanks, I'm not looking for new opportunities right now" in the past 6 months. If you're interested in joining the Champion ranks, this is a pre-req, so get it done!

As far as prep, be sure to take the practice exam until you can ace it in your sleep! You'll be fine, trust me. 😉


Flex dem thumbs

As I mentioned, the app has been a fantastic networking tool, so I really hope they bring it back again this year. Beyond networking, it also helps you organize your calendar, and review how sessions really were. This is an important bit, as your participation here will help make Summit even better in future years.

They've also gameified the experience in the past, but... I don't know much about that. Promise. #dontjudgeme

Be punctual

I say this not just because it's good manners... but you'll likely have a hard time finding a seat in some sessions if you don't arrive on time (or a little early)! Obviously, Vegas is a new venue, so it might be different than prior years... but the keynotes are especially important to attend, and 6000+ marketers will all be vying for the same front row seats. Plan accordingly.

Don't try to do it all

Relax. Within a couple weeks of Summit ending, Marketo will post recordings of all the sessions so you can view them all on-demand. Something that helped me last year, though, was sharing an Evernote Notebook with other attendees, and swapping detailed notes from sessions the other was attending. I fully advocate this divide-and-conquer approach, especially if other members of your team are attending with you!

Make time for shenanigans

Any experience is only as good as the stories you can tell about it. With the wealth of information you're going to come away with, it's important to keep some balance and have a little fun while you're at Summit, too.  Whether it's sight-seeing, getting your grub on, hitting the blackjack tables (I mean, it is Vegas...), or whatever else gets your motor running, your brain will need to disengage and decompress at the end of each day. What you'll actually find is that this helps you stay more engaged as you move from session to session. The conversation and fun stories that result are an excellent side effect, though.

Sidenote: I'm looking for a krewe to join me for the best Japanese in CONUS.

How to Set Up A Scalable Lead Scoring Program in Marketo

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If you’ve been using Marketo for at least a few months, by now you’re probably already familiar with the fundamentals of lead scoring. While scoring leads is a simple flow step you can incorporate into any Smart Campaign, that’s not necessarily the most scalable solution.

Say – for example – that you have a litany of white papers, case studies, and articles that you want to score. For the sake of this example, let’s also say that you initially decide that an article is worth +25, a case study is +10, and an article is +5. Later, after seeing how leads really interact with your content and how they fit into your lifecycle model, you decide that case studies should also be +25 and articles should really be +10 to paint the most accurate picture of where the lead is at in terms of making a buying decision. If you keep scoring at the the program level and rely on individual Smart Campaigns to control how each piece of content is scored, you’ll have to update every single Smart Campaign every time you modify your scoring values.

Hence the “not scalable” comment, right?

The TL;DR about scoring is that attaining accuracy is a process fraught with testing, tweaking, and possibly twerking (read: victory dance). Basically, it involves a lot of guess and check, recheck, and guess again. Because of this process, it’s important to find an easy method to modify your scoring behaviors outside of individual smart campaigns within each individual program.

This is one of many places where tokens save your… come into play.

In our instance, we’ve set up a couple programs for behavioral scoring and demographic scoring. Within each program, there are a variety of Smart Campaigns that are triggered on various criteria, like clicking a link in an email, attending a webinar, visiting 5+ pages of our site… You get the idea. The way we quickly modify the scores of these actions is within the tokens at the program level. Check out this screenshot:

Tokenized Lead Scoring

To create these tokens, you simply drag in the Score token, enter a token name and a value. Now these tokens are ready to be used within any smart campaign in the program.

To use “clicks link in email” as an example, take a look at these screen caps for Smart List and Flow, respectively:


Tokenized Lead Scoring Flow

What you see here is that rather than inputting a typical value in to the change field, you can input a token. The more you utilize tokens in your instance, the more this will become your default response… but it’s an easy best practice to overlook! Now if you ever decide to tweak your scoring at all, you can do it all from one convenient place. This eliminates a lot of wasted time hunting through hundreds of programs and smart campaigns, and more importantly, helps you to establish the trust you need with your sales team.